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Year1976 September
Current Sail NumberG 5
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing
Current CountryDE
DesignerP. Petterson, L. Wiklund & S. Westerdahl
BuilderEnoch & Elfstedt A.B.
Length Overall19.50 m.
Waterline13.95 m.
Beam3.72 m.
Draught2.72 m.
Displacement25.3 t. (1976) - 26.05 t. (1980)
Sail Area162 sq.m. (1977) - 174 sq.m. (1980)
Original OwnerSverige Syndicate
Original NameSVERIGE
Other NamesBlue Magic or Blaupunkt (c1986) - UWA (1987)
Original CountrySE
Original HomeportGoteborg
Original Sail NumberS 3
Other Sail NumbersG 5
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Thurd Rule America's Cup

1976 - 1978 Sverige Syndicate - name: Sverige - home port: Goteborg (Sweden). Challenger for the 23rd 1977 America's Cup; under the ensign of the Royal Goteborg Yacht Club a large group of Swedish industries supported the project, her Syndicate members included King Gustav, Christer Salen and Pelle Petterson himself. Models were tested at the Experimental Tank of Goteborg with the assistance of the Volvo calculation center. Sverige had some peculiarities: foot-pedal coffee grinders, a double tiller and the bow design with the center line is flat at the waterline reducing its length. She is a light displacement yacht. She performed well in the Challenger Trials but lost the finals against Australia.

1978 - 1979 Pelle Petterson, Lars Wiklund & Stellan Westerdanz.

1979 - 1985 Swedish Challenge to the America's Cup, Inc. - in April 1980 altered by Pelle Petterson at Eriksberg Shipyard in occasion of the 24th 1980 America's Cup. The hull lines were modified with a new keel, stern and bow; the sail area was increased and also her displacement. The results were disappointing and Sweden renounced their entry in the America's Cup following editions.

1986 12 ER Syndikat EV - new name: Blue Magic/Blaupunkt - home port: Travemunde (Germany).

1987 - 2005 Jurgen Rohl - new name: Uwa - new sail number: G 5 - home port: Hamburg (Germany). Engine installed.

2006 - ??? Gunther Zetsche - new name: Sverige - home port: Neustadt (Germany). Yacht not sailing in need of restoration.

??? ???????? - new name: Sverige - home port: Goteborg (Sweden)

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