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Current Sail NumberUS 17
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing, very good
Current LocationNewport, RI
Current CountryUS
DesignerPhilip L. Rhodes
Design / Project#676
BuilderLuders Marine Construction Co.
Length Overall21.00 m.
Waterline13.84 m.
Beam3.55 m.
Draught2.74 m.
Displacement26.6 t. (1958) - 25.65 t. (1962)
Sail Area173 sq.m. (1958) - 178 sq.m. (1962)
Original OwnerWeatherly Syndicate
Original NameWEATHERLY
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNew York, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 17
Owner Details & History

Built according to to the International Third Rule America's Cup:

1958 - 1965 Weatherly Syndicate: Henry D. Mercer, Arnold D. Frese & Cornelius S. Walsh (Mercer Syndicate) - name: WEATHERLY - home port: New York, NY She is one of three boats built for the 1958 Cup Defense; she is solidly built, with extensive use of laminated mahogany in the keel, the stem and the stern pieces, at her best in light airs. The laminated construction is approved by Lloyds as the scantling rules do not mention such type of construction for which Luders is well known; after demonstration and discussions by Al Masson in charge of construction and arrengment plans, the modification is accepted. In the Defender Trials she is eliminated but four years later both Rhodes and Luders collaborate in radical interventions: the stern is cut, weight reduced above deck and the wetted surface reduced by the hull; about the structure and transferred to a redisigned ballast keel; the boat increases her speed, but the decisive element is the new skipper, Bus Mosbacher. Weatherly wins the Defender Trials and the Cup Match by a score of 4-1 although this result does not picture of the races, remembered among the most exciting and of Gretel capabilities She wins the Queen's Cup (NYYC) and of the Chandler Hovey Gold Bowl in 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962 - winner of the 1961 Astor Cup

1966 - 1971 U. S. Merchant Marine Academy - home port: King's Point, NY She is donated by Henry Mercer to be used as a training boat by the Merchant Mrine cadets trial horse for Columbia in 1967 and for Valiant in 1970

1971 - 1974 Douglas E. Jones - home port: King's Point, NY and Menomonee, WI She is again altered to race again in the Great Lakes she wins the Mackinac Race) and then in Puget Sound

1975 off record

1975 - 1981 Lynn Summers & Alan Buchanan - home port: Seattle

c. 1981 - 1986 Seattle Council Boy Scouts of America

since 1986 Weatherly, Inc. (George Hill) - home port: Newport, RI She is sailed from Seattle to Florida via the Panama Canal. There, she falls from a lift on her bow with severe damages to her stem planking and frames and to her rig; with a stay-sail and a storm trysail from the mast stub to steady her, Weatherly is powered to Newport fore a complete restoration made right by her new owner. Together with Herb Marshall he has incorporated America's Cup Charters regrouping also American Eagle, Nefertiti, Intrepid and Freedom. Since 2012 she is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. America's Cup: 1962 18th America's Cup Challenge: Weatherly (skipper Emil "Bus" Mosbacher) - Gretel (skipper A.S.Shurrock): 4-1 World Championships Results: 2005 in Newport: winner of the Traditional division 2009 in Newport: third in the Traditional division

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