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International RuleFirst Rule Others
Current Statussailing
Current LocationSandefjor
Current CountryNO
DesignerChristian Jensen
BuilderJorgensen & Wik AS, Grimstadt
Length Overall14.65 m.
Waterline12.07 m.
Beam3.65 m.
Draught2.64 m.
Displacement24 t.
Original OwnerChristensen
Original NameLE
Other NamesLiv
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportSandefjord
Original Sail NumberNOR 63
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule

She is a double ender (spissgatter). In 1912 a special committee appointed by KNS (Royal Norwegian Yacht Club) whose members were Johan Anker, Christian Jensen and Halvdan Hansen decided to rate Raak and Ull II according to the International First Rule and a "E" number in their sail was given. After WW I a similar decision was taken for Mars (now Skoiern) and Liv (now Lady).

1919 - ? Christensen (ship owner) and his wife - name: Le - home port: Sandefjord (Norway). She is a double ender (spissgatter).

1961 - 2006 Karl H. Hoje - new name: Lady. Around 1981 extensive work was done and a big doghouse constructed.

2007 Peter Ennals - name Lady. To be brought back to original condition. Other name: Liv with owner Victor i. Mohm of Drammen.

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