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Current Statussailing
Current LocationBellingham, W
Current CountryUS
DesignerBjorne Aas
BuilderDamsgaard B?tbiggeri - Darmsgaad
Waterline11.98 m.
Beam3.81 m.
Sail Area216 sq.m.
Original OwnerL.P. Johannesen
Original NameULL II
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportBergen
Owner Details & History

Built according to International First Rule She is a double ender (spissgatter) In 1912 a special committee appointed by KNS (Royal Norwegian Yacht Club) whose members were Johan Anker, Christian Jensen and Halvdan Hansen decided to rate Raak and Ull II according to the International First Rule and an "E" number in their sail was given. After WW I a similar decision was taken for Mars (now Skoiern) and Liv (now Lady).

1914 - 1915 Lars.Pihl Johannesen - name: ULL II - home port: Bergen - double ender and sister ship to Raak Mr. Johannesen was the former owner of Ull, a Colin Archer launched in 1890.

1916 - 1918 ??

1919 - 1934 O. Grolle Olsen Registered in Lloyd's Register from 1928 as "Formerly Int. rating class 12 Metre" 1935 disappeared from the Lloyd's Register

The following information has been given by the present owner supposing that his yacht DELPHINE may be the original ULL II.

1935 - sailed from Norway to Central or South America Early Seventies Art Daniels of Santa Barbara. There is a log book for a trip he took to Haway with her.

1974 (?) - 1991 Lester Thomas Fulgham, California

since 1991 Arnold Faber - new name: DELPHINE - home port: Bellingham WA (USA) Current registration #WN7872RW - HIN CFZ4800A0014W - Series Body WIDPC47

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