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International RuleThird R. AC others
DesignerDavid H.J. Hollam
Original NameROYAL OAK
Original CountryGB
Owner Details & History

Project according to the International Third Rule America's Cup. This yacht was never built. No sail number authorized or issued. Royal Oak was the first design by David H.J. Hollom, better known as a valid model maker. His first full scale design will come later with, Crusader II, a radical boat for 1986/87 British challenge. In 1982, Hollom took part in the Acorn Project on request of Peter de Savary for his Victory Challenge. His project was rather surprising with a bulb keel and perplexing winglet. This is quite important as, following this project, the principle of winglets was approved by the I.Y.R.U. but the decision was kept secret until 1983 when it put an end to the controversy between Americans and Australians regarding Australia II's keel. To realize Royal Oak Hollom took as a model the one of Sverige.

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